Department Reports

Collaborative teams

Working together to provide value for members, BCACC has two distinct department teams – Regulatory and Member Services.

Our Regulatory team supports and protects the value of the RCC designation.

Our Member Services team is focused on providing educational offerings and member support programming to help members grow their professional skills.

From the office of the registrar 

Committees Working Collaboratively

“I work closely with both the Inquiry and Registration Committees. These Committees are the ones who hold the interest and protection of our members’ clients as their mandates.  They are charged with the rigorous review of applicant and complaint files and do so with dedication and expertise.  The Regulatory Committees provide hundreds of hours of volunteer time annually to BCACC – I count myself fortunate to call these erudite individuals my colleagues.”

Angela Burns


Review of BCACC’s Regulatory Arm

A review of BCACC’s regulatory arm began in December of 2020.  This review is part of BCACC’s Strategic Plan and will include formulation of a transition plan that will remove regulatory functions from BCACC and reimagine BCACC as a purely member services association when and if college regulation is established. This review will be completed in 2021. 

Staff Update

2020 saw the world engulfed in a pandemic.  The BCACC staff pivoted to working remotely in record time.  Zoom was the portal of choice that allowed us to connect virtually with staff, committees, and membership. The Head Office staff are to be commended for their flexibility and accommodation in the face of almost constant change this year.  The changes included a coordinated movement to remote work and provision of support to members in the face of the novel virus.  The BCACC staff team pulled together and brought about some orchestrated changes of administration, remote location, responsiveness to feedback and navigation through ongoing fluctuating situations.

The Regulatory team said good-bye to Donna Knee who retired in early 2020 after ten jam-packed years as the Professional Practice Coordinator.  Maia Garland is our new Professional Practice Coordinator and has been a wonderful addition to the Regulatory team. Last year Maia completed the level one NCIT investigator training.

mEMBERSHIP registration

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Regulatory work demands increased as registrations were up by about 25% in 2020.

comparison of membership


New Members




Net New Members






New Members




Net New Members






New Members Reinstated


Terminated Net New Members
502 44 96 67 383
New Members Reinstated Resigned/Retired
Terminated Net New Members
569 62 75 62 494


This year we received 27 formal complaints, which eqautes to about only 0.54% of our membership.

The number of inquiries about making complaints increased; however, the number of complaints against members did not. While the number of complaints did not increase, the complexity of the inquiry process increased, requiring more in the way of legal consultations. BCACC’s very first Conduct Review process concluded.  The former member was found to be in violation of BCACC’s Code of Ethical Conduct and was suspended for six months, assigned some costs, and has clinical supervision requirements tied to reinstatement.  The cost of the Conduct Review Hearings was about $20,000 in 2018; $56,000 in 2019 and $71,000 in 2020. 


Relevant principles from the BCACC Code of Ethics used in complaint cases for 2020 are as follows:


Principal 1: Respect for the dignity of all Persons and Peoples

(24% of all complaints)

  • 3% General Respect for the Dignity of all Persons and Peoples
  • 4% Respect for Clients
  • 5% Informed Consent
  • 2% Privacy
  • 3% Respect for Other Individuals
  • 3% Respect for Peoples
  • 4% Respect for Self

Principal 2: Responsible Caring

(27% of all complaints)

  • 14% General Responsible Caring
  • 10% Competent Caring
  • 3% Carefully Managing Risk


Principal 3: Integrity in Relationships

(26% of all complaints)

  • 8% General Integrity in Relationships
  • 5% Communicating in Integrity
  • 10% Connecting with Clients
  • 3% Relationship as a Conscious Undertaking

Principal 4: Responsibility to Society

(23% of all complaints)

  • 16% Ethical Knowledge and Awareness
  • 7% Social Responsibility

From member services

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Registered Clinical Counsellors everywhere are to be commended for the hard work they devoted to not only holding up their own communities but doing so while transitioning to new ways of providing therapy services. A resounding “Thank You” for your service across BC and Canada.

-Marci Zoretich
Director, Member Services

Connected Everywhere

We are committed to providing members with opportunities to connect to their professional association no matter where they reside in the province.




Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as of March 2020 all planning toward in-person events was ceased; Workshops, Skills presentations and Counsellor cafes were postponed. Since then, Event Volunteers have demonstrated their resilience, skill and commitment toward a new way of deploying professional development and networking opportunities to their colleagues through virtual online learning and connection. The first virtual “Zoom” regional event was held on April 29, 2020 by Region 6.

During 2020 BCACC head office offered 3 Virtual Online events:

  • May 27, 2020 Zoom Webinar – Domestic Violence in the Climate of COVID-19: An Online Panel Discussion- Serving 215 registrants.
  • June 25,2020 Virtual AGM- Serving 112 registrants.
  • October 29, 2020 Zoom Webinar – The State of the Pursuit for Regulation- Serving 171 registrants.

During 2020, a total of 20 Regional events were held: In-person (Jan & Feb) and online March onward:

Region 1 North Coastal

2 Online Counsellor Cafes- Serving 20 registrants

Region 2 Southern Vancouver Island

2 In-person Counsellor Cafes- Serving 56 registrants

Region 3 Interior South

1 In-person and 3 Online Counsellor Cafes – Serving 54 registrants

Region 4 Lower Mainland NW

1 In-person Skills for Living community presentation – Serving 37 registrants


Region 5 Fraser Valley

1 In-person community event Workshop- Serving *989 registrants (public and members)

1 Professional Mastermind Group- Serving 11 registrants

Region 6 Interior North

3 In-person and 6 Online Counsellor Cafes – Serving 102 registrants

BCACC Survey to Membership on Impacts of  COVID-19

Starting in April of 2020, BCACC Member Services invited the membership to join a COVID-19 Panel group to participate in a series of surveys. The goal was to provide the panel participants and BCACC a glimpse into how members were faring through the pandemic. Panelists were separated into groups based on whether they were in private practice or were employed by agencies. COVID-19 Panelists participated in a total of six surveys over a six-month period all on different aspects of practicing during the pandemic.

  • Counselling in a Digital World
  • Current State of your Practice
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • How can BCACC Help
  • Looking Ahead to Fall
  • Returning to In-Person Counselling

After the survey was completed, panelists received a newsletter that outlined the results of the survey. We extend thanks to those members who chose to participate in this important project.

The Launch of E-Connect Learning Portal

In April of 2020, BCACC Member Services launched e-Connect, an online learning portal for members.  This portal (housed in the member account area) will be the access point for members to take professional development courses, workshops and view webinars offered by BCACC.

In addition, the e-Connect portal contains online Communities of Practice in which members can connect with each other by areas of practice or region, much like a private RCC social media page devoted to counselling.  We encourage all members to use this space to connect with each other.

COVID-19 video series    

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the demand for virtual mental health services, BCACC engaged Trapeze, a digital marketing firm, to create and deploy a series of videos to promote the services of RCCs during the pandemic. Members featured in the video series offer bite-sized information on topics that were identified as key concerns for the public during the pandemic: loneliness, increased stress on relationships at home, balancing working and parenting in isolation, alcohol consumption as a coping tool. 

Facebook/Instagram: 112,252 views (593,025 impressions)

Google Ads/YouTube: 15,930 views (92,000 impressions)

* Views = specific to the video playing
* Impressions = ad being seen in a viewable window


BCACC published three issues of INSIGHTS magazine in 2019. Magazine content and themes are developed by our Editorial Advisory Committee and include highlight relevant and timely topics for counsellors. Themes for 2020 were: Accessibility in Counselling, Social Justice, and Youth.

Our committees have been busy